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Military Psychologists' Desk Reference

About the Book

The psychological well-being of servicemen and women returning from war is one of the most discussed and contemplated mental health issues today. Media programs debate the epidemic of PTSD in returning veterans and the potential fallout of a less-than-adequate veteran mental health system. This public discussion is only a small glimpse into the field of military psychology. One of the most diverse specialties within psychology, it is a sector positioned and equipped to influence such concepts as psychological resilience, consequences of extended family stress, the role of technology in mental healthcare delivery, and how to increase human performance under harsh conditions.

Military Psychologists' Desk Reference is the authoritative guide in the field of military mental health, covering in a clear and concise manner the depth and breadth of this expanding area at a pivotal and relevant time. Moore and Barnett, former military psychologists, bring together the field's top experts to provide concise and targeted reviews of the most salient aspects of military mental health and present the material in an easily digestible manner. Chapters cover important topics such as military culture, working with Special Operations Forces, professional issues and ethical challenges, women in combat, posttraumatic stress, anxiety and sleep disorders, psychologists' involvement in interrogations, and how to build and sustain a resilient Force, to name but a few. Authors consist of a combination of current and former military psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and Chaplains, experts from the Department of Veterans Affairs, prominent academicians, and representatives from other governmental and civilian organizations. This comprehensive resource is a must for every military psychologist, as well as for non-military clinicians, researchers, counselors, social workers, educators, and trainees who increasingly need to be familiar with this specialized area of psychology.

"Given the ambitious careers of editors Bret Moore and Jeffrey Barnett, as army psychologists as well as board certified clinicians, researchers, and academicians in their civilian lives, it is not surprising that their book, the first desk reference covering military psychology, is a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the contributions of psychology to military missions and culture. Overall, the book provides convincing evidence that military psychologists and the fundamental principles of psychology will continue to be important factors in the changing landscape of the U.S. military-industrial complex."

— PsycCRITIQUES, Contemporary Psychology: APA Review of Books